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Ingredient: On Nicotinamide

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1-MNA is a methylated amide of nicotinic acid and a downstream metabolite of vitamin B3 involved in the synthesis and degradation pathway of NAD/NADH metabolism2. 1-MNA is found commonly throughout meat products, especially liver, and is highly concentrated in algae, mushrooms, and seaweed. Once thought to be a mere inert product of B vitamin metabolism, 1-MNA has recently gained attention as a bioactive metabolite with studies showing its ability to induce vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antithrombotic effects primarily through its role in COX-2 inhibition2,14,15. 1-MNA has also been shown to extend lifespan in C. elegans through the induction of cellular antioxidant mechanisms16. While there is no current recommendation for 1-MNA intake, its supplementation may have beneficial effects in treating or delaying cardiac events and decreasing chronic inflammation2,14. 1-MNA has been rigorously tested for safety and tolerability by the European Food Safety Authority and was acknowledged for safety at dosages of up to 270mg/day17.

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