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A Hunger For

As a PhD in Nutrition, Dr. Chris Rhodes has always been fascinated by how the way we eat affects our health and longevity. But, in his scientific quest to find the perfect diet to maximize the human lifespan, his team found something they didn’t expect. It wasn’t what we ate that had the biggest impact on longevity, it was not eating at all.

Out of that surprising discovery, Mimio’s biomimetic formula was born.
A Hunger for KnowledgeA hunger for knowledge

Unlock Your
Cellular Potential

Turns out that long periods of fasting (like 36 hours long) have been shown to be one of the best methods for increasing healthspan and lifespan.

Fasting activates an evolutionary “survival mode” within cells that optimizes their function for longevity and helps protect them from harm.

But, let’s face it, activating “survival mode” is only fun when Bear Grylls does it. That’s why Chris wanted to find a better way.

Unlock your cellular potential

For You, From You

After years of clinical fasting research at UC Davis, they discovered unique molecules produced by the body were elevated during a 36-hour fast. These natural “fasting metabolites” activated our cells’ built-in regenerative systems and created some of the most powerful benefits of fasting.

Using a synergistic combination of fasting metabolites, Chris was able to mimic the biology of fasting (bio-mimetic!) to activate our cells’ innate abilities to clean, repair, and protect themselves. Our formulation could even extend the lifespan of model organisms by a whopping 96%!

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From benchtop to countertop

From Benchtop to Countertop

We knew this discovery needed to be shared widely with the world — a world with nearly 8 billion people who each have 37 trillion cells to care for.

We brought together a dream team of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and joined IndieBio’s world-class biotech accelerator program. There we collaborated with some of the brightest minds to bring Mimio from the lab to your kitchen counter.

Our mission

Our Mission

Today, Mimio is on a mission to help everyone harness the power of their own biology and enhance the human healthspan.

Our mission

Meet the Founders

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Dr. Chris Rhodes
Dr. Chris Rhodes
Chief Executive Officer

While obtaining his Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry from UC Davis, Dr. Rhodes helmed the clinical research studies on human fasting that formed the basis of Mimio’s formulation. He takes nutrition seriously but also wants it to be seriously fun. That’s why you’ll find him over on TikTok (@thatnutritiondr) educating his 145k followers about fasting, cell care, and healthy eating 60 seconds at a time.

Caitlin Beatty
Caitlin Beatty
Chief Operating Officer

When Caitlin’s brother Chris (yes, our Chris) developed his amazing method for tapping into powerful human biological systems to promote cell care, she knew exactly how to turn that innovative technology into a business thanks to her diverse background in early stage start-ups and community growth. Her organizational and management skills have helped take Mimio from an idea to a reality.

This is Cell Care.

When it comes to cell care, mimicking fasting is just the beginning. At Mimio we want to unravel the secrets of human biology and put them at our fingertips to unlock our natural potential. From exercise to sleep to meditation, the human body is loaded with regenerative states and protective molecules we want to harness to enhance our healthspan. This is biomimetic cell care. Your future self will thank you.

It’s time to give our cells some love!
It's Time To Give Your Cells Some Love!
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